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Acknowledging the unprecedented situation that the Covid-19 outbreak has imposed on Europe, CECE together with SACE by thinking outside of the box is proposing to you an alternative meeting opportunity. In the world of digitalisation we present you a digital Congress. Connect to our exciting event livestreamed from a TV studio in Stockholm. Taking advantage of this convenient setup we hope to connect with you in large numbers!

Why connect

The Covid-19 crisis changed the business reality for all EU citizens. During the CECE Congress you will have a chance to learn how the industry is planning to recover. You will also get an opportunity to learn from the compelling cases of competing OEMs about the latest trends and challenges of the sector.

  • Understand how the unveiling political and economic situation could affect your business
  • Prepare for times of change and industrial recovery
  • Learn from the compelling cases of competing OEMs
  • Hear what key customers expect from industry
  • Learn about current and future challenges of the industry

Focus of the Congress

A panel of high-level relevant speakers, professionally moderated by Malcolm Larri from the TV studio in Stockholm, will paint the picture of a forward-looking industry working together to deliver for society.

During the event, we will also take a deep dive into the post Covid-19 reality and its impact on the construction equipment sector. Moreover, we will take a look at the current regulatory challenges and present the economic update on the construction equipment markets. The innovation and latest trends in the industry in light of sustainability will be discussed.

Programme Highlights

Connect to our Congress live streaming to get a chance of learning first-hand about the industrial recovery plan, to get a regulatory and economic update and to understand how the unveiling political and economic situation could affect your business.

  • CECE movie on sustainability
  • High-level speakers, case studies, latest market intelligence
  • Deep-dive into the post Covid-19 reality
  • Inspirational presentation
  • Economic focus, CECE Regulatory Update
  • Commercial breaks